Poem: Like a Tangerine

I think of better days,
Not bitter like cheap oranges,
But juicy with veins you peel off,
Not dry like faded orange skins,
But sweet as you bite into each piece.

I know of better days,
They have been dreamed of,
And lived through in the past decade,
Not many of them but enough of them,
To know life is still good.

I believe when I hit enter,
For whatever I am working on,
That it was the right decision,
Even if it doesn't turn out the way I wanted,
Because I put in the effort.

I tried my best with the fingers,
And the brain I was given,
Nothing to celebrate or ignore repeatedly,
The pain might linger too long,
Because it lives within me.

I turn to comfortable,
The control I need to belong,
To feel safe even when I'm exposed,
Like the skin that's easy to remove,
A little guilty for eating it so quickly.
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