Questions from Detroit Become Human

Being that the person I live with has many video games, he decided to ask me a few questions from one of his games. They were interesting questions as they mainly dealt with advanced technology. These were my answers and a short reason why and the percentage of responders (game players) who gave the listed answers in 2018.

  1. Would you consider having a relationship with an android that looks a human? 65% said yes, 17% said no, and 18% said don’t know. For me this would be a big fat no. I’d rather have companionship with a dog or cat or rabbit if a human being didn’t exist.
  2. Do you think that technology could become a threat to mankind? 72% said yes, 18% said no, and 10% said don’t know. Duh! Yes. It already has threatened mankind.
  3. If you had to live on a deserted island and could only bring one object, what would it be? 15% said a book, 22% said a cellphone, 21% said pen and paper, 12% said a console, and 30% an instrument. This is a tough one because usually a deserted island has limited electricity or none at all. A phone would die out and I’m not into video games. If I could have unlimited pens and paper, then pen and paper. If not, an instrument because it would take me a while to learn to play it, if at all. Or maybe the thickest book ever to exist.
  4. Do you consider yourself dependent on technology? 78% said yes, 15% said no, and 7% said don’t know. I would say yes.
  5. What technology do you most anticipate? 36% said androids, 12% said flying cars, 19% said space tourism, and 33% said brain connected devices. I would say brain connected devices.
  6. Do you believe in God? 37% said yes, 45% said no, and 18% said don’t know. For me this would be a yes, there is a higher power.
  7. Would you let an android take care of your children? 50% said yes, 24% said no, and 26% said don’t know. I would say no because someone has to control that android, which is a human being. Why hire an android, when you can hire an actual person.
  8. How much time per day would you say you spend on an electronic device? 1% said 1 hour, 8% said 2 hours, 21% said 4 hours, 65% said more than 4 hours, and 5% said don’t know. I would say more than 4 hours because I watch TV or keep it on in the background but only my phone about 1 hour a day.
  9. If you need emergency surgery, would you agree to be operated on by a machine? 73% said yes, 11% said no, and 16% said don’t know. This would be a hell no for me because again I’d much rather have human hands operating on me despite the possibility of errors than a machine. Ever hear of work accidents when dealing with a machine?
  10. Do you think one day machines could develop consciousness? 71% said yes, 13% said no, and 16% said don’t know. Given that the human brain is a complex organ and humans are complex too, this would be a no.

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