The Last Kingdom TV Review: Season Five (2022)

My journey continues. My paths leads north to blood fields. To revenge and to Bebbanburg. Destiny is all.


The time has come of Uhtred, son of Uhtred, the rightful heir to Bebbanburg (sort of) to end. This last season is the last of this series unless you consider the movie coming out hopefully next year. It seems 2022 was the year to end many Netflix long running series (from season 3 to 5 as season 1 and 2 it was produced by BBC). How did season five come to an end for everyone still living in the series? You’re going to have to watch it because there will not be any major spoilers regarding season five. However, do not read any further if you haven’t watched the earlier seasons. I’m going on the belief people, at least, watched the first four seasons. I watched the fifth as soon as it came out but just slow on the review of it. So, here is my take on season five, and yes, I can’t wait for Seven Kings Must Die where the show ties up the loose ends it left for the movie.

Uhtred has lost many of his brothers, friends, and warriors. Some are dead and some are alive. This is how the season starts where Brida has become a powerful woman in charge of group of face painting Vikings. She holds her daughter in high esteem as that is the main priority in her life and getting revenge on the people who wronged her including Uhtred. His righthand man, Finan, is with him as is the bastard child of Alfred (who died a long time ago), Sihtric. This season also is a battle of “older” woman warrior against “younger” woman warrior. It’s Brida against Stiorra. Their hatred for each other grows until the unexpected happens although I sort of wish it hadn’t happened this way. Talk about shutting the steel door quickly.

There’s conflict between family members including mother and daughter, brother and brother, husband and mistress, grandson and grandson throughout the episodes. Even though Uhtred has no blood affiliation with King Edward, he keeps watch of him and tries to steer him in the right direction. They both have worry about sinister plots with Aethelhelm and Wihtgar. After dealing with Brida, Uhtred and his trusted men in Finan and Sihtric head to Bebbanburg for several reasons. There he is reunited with some old friends that helps him in the rescue of Aelfwynn. The final episode involves another battle for Bebbanburg, but this time King Edward and King Constantin have stake in this land. When the battle ends, the conflict continues because most powerful people left standing can’t agree on terms of ensure peace. Hence, the movie will highlight this forever personal battle over power, pride, and prestige for those still alive.

I rate The Last Kingdom (Season Five) as EXCELLENT at 97%.


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