Movie Recommendation: Rescued by Ruby (2022)

In the midst of all the heavy TV and movies I tend to watch, I decided to give Rescued by Ruby a try on Netflix. It’s definitely a family movie. There are no car chases, lasers aimed at heads, people holding swords and arrow, or explosions of any kind. Rescued by Ruby is about a shelter dog who is adopted by a state trooper in Rhode Island named Dan O’Neil. Ruby earned the title of “Search and Rescue Dog of the Year” in 2018. If you know anything about border collies, they are not only smart but energetic, and yes, I know from personal experience. The movie begins with Dan O’Neil trying again to be part of the Rhode Island search and rescue team. Due to the lack of funds, he has no choice but to find a dog at the local shelter. Insert Ruby who he trains despite the many obstacles on both sides. They basically have to learn to trust each other in order for this team to be successful. There are moments of saccharin filled scenes but it’s a decent, good-hearted movie. You wouldn’t think this story to be true if it weren’t for the photos at the end showing the real people and dogs involved. Grant Gustin plays Dan O’Neil, Scott Wolf plays Matt Zarrella, Camille Sullivan plays Pat Inman, Kaylah Zander plays Melissa O’Neil, and Bear plays Ruby (who was also adopted from a shelter and trained). Rescued by Ruby is one hour and 30 minutes long and is rated G.

I give Rescued by Ruby FOUR FINGERS at 85% for being a feel-good movie.

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