Advice Type #1: Should You Overreact?

I decided to do this, in exchange for really wanting to write a book about life, so this will be my first advice type entry. It’s either advice I’ve gotten from others or learned from books or realized due to my own faults and failures. I also learned some of this through witnessing others succeed, my own successes, and everything else that comes to mind. These entries won’t be lengthy. I’m trying to find a way to blog more for my own benefit and maybe for others too. Even though I’m not a leading authority in most topics (no Ph.D. behind my name), I know a few things about a few things. Some of it will be funny and some it will be quite serious. Here goes my first entry.

This person I know went to McDonald’s. He doesn’t eat meat. He does eat cheese and other things like eggs. He went to get an Egg McMuffin meal. Hold the meat. Give him the egg and cheese. The butter slapped on it is fine too. Hell, he isn’t on a diet. When he got the meal. the decaf coffee was fine with three creamers, the hashbrown was greasy, but the Egg McMuffin was wrong. He had no cheese, a smelly slab of bacon on it, and egg. You want to know what the real problem was? He was not at McDonald’s when he opened the sandwich. Guess what? He drove back to McDonalds and as polite as he could be told the employee you put meat on here but no cheese when the sticker said differently (with some irritation because traffic was bad in a few spots along the drive and was anticipating waiting for traffic to clear in order to turn right). He got the new Egg McMuffin and hashbrown. The employee asked if he needed a new hashbrown. He said yes because the other one is in the bag I gave you. What he really wanted to say was would you like eating a cold hashbrown? Needless to say, he didn’t because doing so wouldn’t solve anything. Despite him waiting over 30 minutes to get his food, he had to drive back to get his order right. There was no way in hell he was going to eat the Egg McMuffin that now reeked of swine. By the time he finished eating, his coffee had cooled some but at least, he had a semi-warm hashbrown. Why waste your time overreacting by yelling and acting like a complete jerk? Because people make mistakes that other people don’t like. It’s not as if the person was doing it purposely. I hope not. If s/he was, then that person has some issues to resolve. Making a blanket statement of we all have issues, or we all make mistakes is fine. It’s more important to try not to make mistakes again and realize the other variables might be included such as lack of sleep, not enough employees on shift, or needs new glasses s/he can’t afford. Look at it as means to an end. You eventually filled your stomach. Some people can’t when they’re hungry. Yes, first world problem. What a starving person wouldn’t give for that slab of meat? Perspective is good but so is asking for what you want and then getting it (the right way).

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