Advice Type #5: Should You Get Rid of Cable?

I spent the last three days without cable or WiFi because the carrier I have, Cox Cable, didn’t give me all the information I needed and then had to reschedule my appointment. They were late by quite a bit of time and interrupted my day basically. I did the best I could to wash the clothes I needed in one apartment (as I’m still moving) and then dry them in another (my new apartment I’ll probably be moving from next year). As a person who never grew up with cable but then met someone who lived with cable his whole life, I was neither here nor there about it. I only watch a few shows out of the channels it provides. I have to tell you not having access to any streaming services, shows, news, and providing background noise has been rough since I’ve grown accustomed to all of it. For the extreme cost of cable, it does have its benefits. I felt really lost without it in the new apartment. What the hell is going on in the world? What is happening with the elections in the U.S.? What kind of nonsense and postings am I missing on FB? (Just kidding on the last one, sort of). I have TV shows to watch I’ve never seen and many more movies on my shelves (the only thing I have unpacked), but damn, I really missed channel surfing. My response is no, don’t get rid of cable if you’re used to it, and more if it gives you comfort. I know this sounds stupid, but I’ve realized there doesn’t seem to be much in my life I like (in my head right now) so getting back to my show watching routine helps me feel more grounded.

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