Advice Type #8: Should You Care What People Advertise on Their Vehicles

I recently saw this on a car next to me in a parking lot. I took a picture of a tiny portion of it because that is what I do when I see stickers that are completely cool or stupid. This one fits into the latter category much like PETA for People Eating Tasty Animals. People put stickers on their vehicles to either support something or speak out against something. This sticker below is on a whole new level where this person feels it is okay to hunt, shoot, and kill human beings. There is nothing right about this, no matter how vile and ugly the person is, and let me say it again, there is nothing fucking right about this. My initial reaction was “oh God, what an idiot.” I next thought of the Trump stickers I would see on bumpers and think how glad I am that Trump is not occupying the White House. I’m not fully satisfied with the Democratic party but compared to the Republican party (which I have never sided with although I try to respect as much as possible because I know some Republicans personally that are nice), the politicians are a different story. I purposely took two days off during the midterms to see what happens. Back to stickers on cars and trucks. I have more than not including state, alien, shark, and other various stickers. There are no political stickers on my car and nothing to be construed as political leaning except maybe my sticker that says “nature.” Otherwise, the rest of it is pretty not political or controversial. Again, the sticker below is for several reasons I don’t need to explain. I thought s/he probably has never read Marx or Trotsky. While Communism doesn’t resemble Democracy in any way, I wondered if s/he realizes how different these governments are and how duped s/he has been taken for by certain politicians in Washington. This sticker is indication of a non-starting point. There is no talking civilly with this person in a debate because s/he would make it that way. I chalk it up to another (stupid) sticker that belongs to a (stupid) person who goes to the extreme. This person chooses to think the only solution is violence and that is disgusting. So, maybe this is the reaction s/he wants, for people to get pissed at what they see. After that few seconds of annoyance, I thought the average person will see this sticker and think this dumbass is an un-educated redneck prick. On another note, I wonder if s/he is really committed, because this so called “hunting permit” has expired. As I walked away, I shook my head and carried on with the rest of my day.

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