Advice Type #7: Should You Care Who Stars in a Movie?

This is a loaded question, but the answer is more no than yes. You are not the casting agent or the movie director or the movie producer. Marvel or DC fans get all up in arms over an actor or actress rumored to play a role. They make a point to rip someone to shreds if s/he doesn’t meet their standards. Yes, it is physically difficult to do stunts and get it right. I would say acting in a dramatic movie is difficult too and make it look realistic and not forced. An actor or actress can look the part but absorbing the character with skill takes practice and time. Method acting is fine but those who don’t method act seems to have more skill because the person can go in and out of a character with a snap of a finger and that takes talent.

There’s another debate going around of should a blind person only play blind roles or a transperson only play trans roles. This one is less concrete because yes, there should be more variety in actors and actresses when it comes to Hollywood roles, but movies suffer when there isn’t proper training of the cast. A good case in point is the movie directed by Clint Eastwood. 15:17 to Paris could’ve been a better movie had it had actors with the proper training. I get that Eastwood wanted to do something different. There is no better way to give credit to those responsible for the heroic acts as letting them star in the movie. Showing the actual people involved, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, and Spencer Stone, would’ve been just as good in the end of the movie. Viewers love this kind of stuff.

Tom Hanks said he couldn’t play the role as Andrew Beckett today as he did in 1993 when Philadelphia was made. I agree that gay representation should be done with the utmost respect if a straight person is in the role. I also agree that a talented actor such as Tom Hanks did the role justice in 1993. Being gay is less noticeable than being Asian or Latino (in general) and yet, I would expect Hollywood to cast an Asian person versus a White person in an Asian role. Taking that stance, a gay person should be cast in a gay role versus a straight person. I also get there’s the straight character and white character dominates Hollywood roles. There are gay men who do straight roles convincingly such as Neil Patrick Harris. There are short people who are great in their craft such as Peter Dinklage, Gary Coleman, and Meredith Eaton.

I’m passionate about certain genre movies versus others. I gravitate toward dramas and thrillers than others. I love a great horror movie and many of them are so bad they are good. I think certain actresses like Kristin Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow are overrated. Yet, I think Kristin Stewart is attractive and Blythe Danner (Paltrow’s mother) is a decent actress. While much everything has been done in Hollywood in terms of originality, there is more to be had. Movies are supposed to be entertaining and if not that, then informative. It’s more than just the cast that makes a movie good or great. Overall, roles are meant to be fought over via auditions. In some cases, the best person wins. In others, not so much. If you don’t want to watch it based on who was cast, don’t watch it. If you do, then watch it. It’s that simple or it should be.

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