Day: July 15, 2022

Poem: Being Truthful

The truth hits you in the face. It sure does, not missing anything, your eyes, mouth, and nose all covered in the green liquid. It’s hard to stand still. Even harder to sleep when you’re thinking those treacherous thoughts from within. Your heart is… Continue Reading “Poem: Being Truthful”

Poem: The Reason

My mother told me not to tap on the glass. She said the fish don’t like it. How would she know? I had never seen her talk to the fish. She didn’t have superpowers. My father didn’t either. They had given these fish to… Continue Reading “Poem: The Reason”

Poem: The Warning

They are smart They are cunning They know what to do Like a master chess player Praise you well Bend at the knees Kneel to the ground Take off your shoes Lips touch each of your toes They are shiny They are worthy They… Continue Reading “Poem: The Warning”

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