Poem: Being Truthful

The truth hits you in the face.

It sure does, not missing anything,

your eyes, mouth, and nose all covered

in the green liquid.

It’s hard to stand still.

Even harder to sleep when you’re thinking

those treacherous thoughts from within.

Your heart is beating rapidly.

The voice says it’s not right.

You don’t have the same power within you.

The power is not even around you,

and you live another day,

finding another way to persist.

There is no other way for life to be.

You strain your ears to savor the words,

what they tell you like a child keeping her image alive,

even though she will return again.

No matter how long the wait,

don’t add to the lie,

don’t embellish the news.

From lips cracked and those well taken care of,

no one wants to listen anymore

to the monotonous voice of unreason.

This feeling burns inside of me,

staying with me like blood shot eyes.

The sticks are getting warmer,

the tinder turning into ashes,

all that remains is time.

Do one thing you desire that way or no way at all,

there is no shortcut to the outcome,

put in the effort with some pain and fear.

The subject matter has changed,

and I am still here.

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