Flash Fiction: The Beginnings

(I wrote this after watching the first episode of House of the Dragon and seriously want to begin my trilogy series or at least make it into one big book but first I have to finish my second novel idea).

In the stillness of the day, I sit hunched forward on my wooden chair. I'm waiting for the time to come, not letting my mind get away from me. People are counting on me and this I will take to my grave when I am wrapped in cloth with some token hidden in my pocket. I have this all arranged, my confidant will slip it into my coffin at the last moment, and the transformation will begin.

Now is not the time to mourn the future loss of me but to know the future wherever that might be and whatever that date might be, this change will not be in vain. I was never a weak person my enemies thought me to be and will be recognized as the answer to generations of strength, power, and wholeness. I was the true beginning of my family's heroic victory. The night I was born, the day I died, and the day I was reborn intersected with the evilest and brightest along the longitudinal and latitudinal lines.  

My purpose was to eradicate the darkness that inhabited parts of the New World. I will see to it the infancy stage won't grow past a few moments of adulthood, for if it does, we all die in terrible ways. My ancestors failed to realize this truth. I might have stumbled along the way, but I learned because I listened when they argued, and ruled when the people gave me the proper signal.  

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