TV Mini-Series Documentary Recommendation: We Need to Talk about Cosby (2022)

It’s difficult to write and discuss about topics that most people find uncomfortable such as drugging women to take advantage of them. It’s even harder when the person involved whether it be a singer, movie star, or athlete is involved that many people once admired. I first learned about Bill Cosby through his successful TV show named after him. I watched it all the time when it originally aired. I loved every character in the show even after Lisa Bonet left. Despite his breakthrough performances and creativity, Bill Cosby is now either viewed as a predator that was once good or a trailblazer that did bad things. Comedians/talk show hosts either can’t forgive him such as Stephen Colbert or can separate the ugliness he did from his comedic genius like Jerry Seinfeld.

This documentary was an eye opener, not only because it dared to ask the most difficult questions, but the testimony and interactions from academia, survivors, and professionals. The director W. Kamau Bell was honest with own inner turmoil as many of us did when we learned that America’s father had done such vile things sexually and vocally. I learned of his desire to belittle people as much as talent to make a name for himself in Hollywood. I learned everything he worked so hard for as a young man will be erased by the predatory things he did while pretending his real life mirrored his family life. The stripping away of his awards, honorary degrees, memberships, and building names are small prices pay for his actions. While he probably still thinks he did nothing wrong, his victims, now survivors, are left to continue putting together their lives that were shattered to pieces. Whatever you think about Bill Cosby, he will be part of TV history, Black history, and tragic history.

I give We Need to Talk About Cosby FOUR FINGERS and ONE THUMB at 100%

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