Last 12 Movies I’ve Watched

It’s taken me a long time to watch all these movies and I have watched even more but it wasn’t worth mentioning them. These were the best ones I could recommend for reasons of pure entertainment or pure artistry or pure realism. Treat some as completely stupid and goofy. Treat others as serious in nature. Treat others as simplistic. I obviously have a range of genre interests. My top three were Hustlers, The Skin I Live In, and Money Monster.

This is the last tear you will shed in weakness. It will be given back when most you need it.

-Heimir the Fool-

The Northman (2022) is about a boy that grows into a man to honor his father who died when he was young and to rescue his mother who was kidnapped against her will.

The Good Nurse (2022) is about a nurse who was charged with killing many of his patients and his co-worker who helped the police find enough evidence to convict him.

Hustlers (2020) is about a group of women who drug men in order to take their money to live a lavish lifestyle.

Never apologize for an effective kill circle.


Barbarian (2022) is about a woman who finds herself trapped inside a rental home and uncovering the truth of past people who disappeared.

The Croods: A New Age (2022) is about a jungle family needing to uproot their lives in search of food and meet another family that lives differently from them.

The Skin I Live In (2011) is about a doctor and his patient who have a mysterious relationship and how their story evolved to the present time.

Look, I’m obsolete. I’m a dinosaur. Not in a scary way, in an extinct way.


The Green Hornet (2011) is about a spoiled, rich brat who finds purpose after his father dies.

The Three Musketeers (2011) is about a boy wanting to fight alongside the Three Musketeers and travels across the country in search of them.

Year One (2009) is about two cave men type that leave their clan to prove themselves and end up in more civilized surroundings and temptations.

You are all gonna have the greatest story to tell at dinner tonight!

-Danny Sharp-

Ambulance (2022) is about two brothers who are bonded not by blood but love for each other and how they risk everything in the end.

Money Monster (2016) is about a TV host who finds himself in trouble with a stranger who trusted his financial advice while on live TV.

The Maze Runner (2014) is about a group of boys who are placed in a maze and have no idea why they are there except they have to work together if there is any hope to escape.

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