Random Calendar Info #46

If you find yourself in a volcanic eruption, move upslope to avoid debris and mudflows. Don’t try to outrun lava or sit on the ground. Try to get to the safe side of the flow. If you use your car, only use it to leave the area.

If you need to jump into a dumpster from a building, tuck your head and try to do a three-quarter somersault. You will most likely fall on your back and aim for the center. Don’t land on your stomach because you have a great chance of breaking your back.

If you need to free your leg from a bear trap, place one hand on the top of the spring. Press down on the springs to compress them and slip your foot out when the jaws are loose. Release the springs slowly and get a tetanus shot.

If you find yourself on top of a moving train, crawl on all fours and lean into the wind. Move with the train’s movements. Lie down if the train turns or enters a tunnel.

If you find yourself in a subway without power, keep your possessions close and press the emergency call button. Open windows for air and evacuate the train if possible. Stay away from the third rail.

If you want to lie during lie detector test, force yourself to breathe faster during the pretest and don’t fidget or be completely still. Don’t anticipate the questions you might be asked. The goal is to get false readings by biting your tongue.

If you have a broken nose, pinch the bridge of your nose with head tilted back. Put ice on your nose and don’t try to straighten your nose if it’s crooked. Go to the ER as soon as possible.

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