Movie Review: John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023)

There are two type of people who want to watch this kind of movie. One, you want to know how John Wick’s final saga ends. Two, you like a good action movie and need a break from the other movies playing in the theaters or a break from what is happening around the world. I might be talking about myself, but for what it is worth, John Wick: Chapter 4 is nothing short of great entertainment with some great fighting scenes.
What is John Wick about in general? Besides being an assassin with a never-ending target on his back, this fourth installment defines what friendship and betrayal means in the most personal of ways. The scenes between John and Caine are some of the best. I liked this movie over the three previous movies for this reason although I liked the first three movies for the quality of its choregraphed fighting scenes. While the scenes between John and Killa Harkan (Scott Adkins) were some of the best fighting scenes in this movie, I felt the last major fighting sequence (the never-ending stairs that made my thighs burn while watching it) could’ve been a lot better in terms of the hired stunt actors.
I get falling down the stairs can’t feel good but to me lazy is a good word to describe parts of it. It seemed as if the “bad guys” were half attempting to defend themselves against John Wick (Keanu Reeves). This might’ve been solved had the scene not lasted so long because it became quite noticeable the stunt actors were just standing there at times waiting to be thrown down the stairs. I’m not saying this should detract from watching the movie, but it’s something I definitely noticed. It takes great planning to conduct the spinning car scene. Again, this was top notch for an action and fighting sequence. I just wished it was more even throughout the movie.
What is John Wick: Chapter 4 about and without spoiling the ending or the specific plot points? The movie begins with John Wick fighting to survive the bounty put on his head. Most of the assassins in the world want the millions of dollars for killing him. However, he does have a few people on his side as in the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne). After killing another Elder, the Marquis Vincent de Gramont (Bill Skarsgård) uses all his resources to make it uncomfortable for John to find peace and sends Caine (Donnie Yen) and Mr. Nobody (Shamier Anderson) after him. The good thing for John is people eventually come around in favor of him living and abide by the rules set by the High Table. As John travels from New York City to Osaka to Berlin to Paris, it becomes clear to him he has a lot more fighting to do before the duel takes place between him and Gramont. In addition to the great cast, Hiroyuki Sanada plays Shimazu Koji, Lance Reddick plays Charon, Rina Sawayama plays Shimazu Akira, Ian McShane plays Winston Scott, and Clancy Brown plays the Harbinger. The length of this movie didn’t seem to be short of three hours long at two hours and 49 minutes. John Wick: Chapter 4 is rated R for obvious reasons. Watching Keanu Reeves and the incredible cast made it great.
I give it a rating of FOUR FINGERS and ONE THUMB at 92%.

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