Random Calendar Info #47

If you need to keep your beverages cold in the desert, dig a hole at least a couple feet down and wrap your drinks in cloth. Secure the drinks between two flat boards and tie a rope around the boards. Tie a flag or cloth on the rope and fill in the hole. Raise the flag or cloth so you can see it by using a stick.

If you find yourself in a mudslide, go to higher ground and avoid riverbeds. If you can’t escape, to inside a building that has foundation build into the ground and move to an upper floor if possible. Take cover under a heavy piece of furniture.

If you find yourself lost at sea, take as much food and water and protect yourself from hypothermia and sun rays. Fish will be under your raft or boat where seaweed is and try to get the attention of planes or boats nearby.

If you need an emergency floatation device, tie the ends of your pants and trap air into the legs the flipping them over your head. Pull the waist under the water and hold in the trap air with your hands. Lean into the pant legs and use as a floating device.

If you drop your phone into the toilet, after getting it out and turning it off, remove the case and shake off the water. Remove the battery and SIM card. Dry your phone, battery, and SIM card. Put everything in a bowl of rice for one day.

If you are on a runaway horse, hold tightly onto the saddle and lean back instead of forward. Pull but not too hard and release the reins and continue until the horse stops.

If you find yourself jumping from roof to roof, make sure you have enough space to land and roll. Don’t jump if it is more than 10 feet as you probably won’t make it. Run at full speed and leap forward. Try to land on your feet and tumble sideways onto your shoulders.

If you need to stop your car without working brakes, pump the brake pedal anyway and shift the car into the lowest gear if it is a manual. Pull the emergency brake but not too hard as it will make the car spin around.

If you find yourself in a failing parachute, signal to another flyer your chute isn’t working. When you are close enough to the flyer, hold tight onto the straps by hooking your arms under the harness. Be prepared for severe whiplash when the parachute opens and maybe broken arms.

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