Random Calendar Info #48

Poisonous dart frogs get their poison from insects and arthropods they eat and there is not a widespread antidote for this poison. The most poisonous frog is the golden frog and can kill 20 people with their poison. These frogs are found in South and Central America and Hawaii.

Kneel with your head down and kneel on the ground when there is lightning close to you. Don’t stand by any solitary trees or lie on the ground. If you find someone struck by lightning, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and give chest compressions if needed.

Make sure you go feet first over a waterfall and take a deep breath before going over the edge. You should also jump away from the edge if possible and cover your head with your arms. Swim immediately when you hit the water and swim away from the falls to not get trapped by rocks.

The best place to hit a shark if it is too close is the gills or eyes that are quick, repeated jabs.

People have the best chance to be rescued when they are lost in the snow is leaving signs you exist. Write HELP in the snow and draw arrows in the direction are you staying. Make a fire so smoke will be seen if rescuers are searching for you. Yell in groups of three which is the signal for distress. Don’t go down steep slopes or cross rivers. Try to find a populated area if possible.

Remain on your motorcycle if you can during a spinout and apply both breaks. Try to have a low-side crash and stay on your back with your helmet slightly raised. Make sure your arms and legs are spread slightly to distribute your body weight. Get up slowly when your motorcycle comes to a stop.

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