TV Mini-Series Review: The House of Hammer (2022)

The Hammer family reminds me of another rich family in Hollywood called the Getty family although in different ways. The three episodes in this TV series weaves between present and past time. It begins with an introduction to Armie Hammer’s life and expands from there, speaking about the Hammer family secrets and scandals that were covered up. Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriends, notably Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, weren’t the only ones subjected to the Hammer pain. It becomes very clear his aunt, Casey Hammer, suffered just as much by living in this family and in a way, Armie when he was a child. The second episode goes further in depth of Armie’s father and other patriarchs in the family including Armand Hammer, the oil tycoon. The last episode brings up again the topic of wealth, fame, and high society parties. All three episodes is clearly showing a battle between Armie Hammer and the women of the world that are uniting against him. It’s the “me too” movement against “male domination” in any location and field. Is he a little odd in his bedroom activity choices? Yes. Is he on the same level as Jared from Subway? Very far from it. What Armie Hammer has allegedly done, rape and assault, are two behaviors deserving of punishment. Whether he is forgiven by Hollywood and his once supporters is something I can’t and won’t predict. I’ll never look at him the same way now that I never will look at Mel Gibson or Liam Neeson in the same way again. Do I miss seeing him in movies? Sort of. I think these types of cases are more tragic than anything else. How long will he be made to pay for his transgressions? I’m not the one to say and that’s probably a good thing. Because family history is sometimes nothing as it seems, I’d recommend watching this because this is one of those families.

I rate House of Hammer THREE FINGERS at 75%

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