The LA Chill


It is cold in LA.  Well, duh natives say or maybe it’s just me saying it to myself.  It shouldn’t bother me, but it does.  I used to live in a place that could get to -20 and that was just the air temperature.  I worked on my blog until 2 in the morning (Saturday night).  I was not able to get to sleep due to my feet cold and achy muscles due to weightlifting a few days ago.  On top of that, my sinuses have been taking my head and eyes hostage.  My eyes don’t see right and as I look at the screen right now it is a little blurry.  The thing is it took me two hours to fall asleep and then I didn’t get a good night’s rest.  I woke up with guess what?  Cold feet.  They still are cold.  I’m about to stick them in a pot of hot water although a shower seems to be the better choice.  I never thought I would be this chilly living in LA when I moved here in late 2006.  So much for stereotypes because I learned a long time ago that “sunny California” does not exist all the time especially right now.  Good thing I can always put on my partly wool socks and whatever else material used to warm up my feet. 

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