How many faces do you wear?

two faces

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while.  How many different faces does a person wear in his or her life?  This is similar to the different personalities one has in their lives.  Most of us have different personalities or faces when in public (walking on the street) vs. private (walking around your apartment or house).  Most of us have a different personality when it comes to how you act in your job vs. in your home.  The concept weighing on me is how can I bring my public and private life more in unison with each other so I can have less white or black and more grey.  Or if you would like me to state it another way, less red and yellow and more orange. 

The heart of the matter is that the face a person wears, it is really their face?  Or is it the face he or she perceives as what others want it to be and so wears it with some hesitancy?  Or it is a face that the person wears but has more characteristics of a mask as to hide something they are ashamed of or afraid of?  Or another option is the face might have been a mask for so long that it has turned into a face that feels so real, that he or she constructed, but really was not his or hers to begin with because some kind of brainwashing she or he allowed makes it feel and appear real inside and outside?

I see happening quite a bit lately.  I think a person needs to have at least a few different faces to wear so to speak.  It serves to protect that person and allows him or her the comforts that is necessary to survive.  I also think certain people use the different faces and masks to hide the truths before them whether it regards their physical, social, mental, emotional, and familial areas of their lives.  I’m not immune and recognize it wholeheartedly.  My life has been spent much of the time trying to strip away the layers that do not serve my highest purpose or good.  I’m fully aware that people are complex and varied.  The amount of complexity one possesses is as far as one is willing to take it, push it, stretch it, and make it his or her own. 

This goes hand in hand with eliminating the naysayers while still keeping an open mind and non reactive stance when there is criticism involved.  How does one disengage from gossip and drama when seems to be all around you?  How does one release this negative energy at the end of the day?  How does one relax enough before resting your head on your pillow so you are not up for two hours trying to get to sleep?  Balance is a definite must for people who are well rounded.  This doesn’t mean one hundred percent perfection every hour of the day because that doesn’t exist, but what does is the ability of all of us to include a variety of tasks in one day or one week that allows us some sense of accomplishment.  Yet, freedom within this week must also be sought as well.  If you change your mind not to do X on Tuesday, well then, SO BE IT.  Fill it with something else and if it means relaxing, SO BE IT.  This is what I’m learning to do for myself.  In essence, I’m learning to take care of myself better on my own terms, but always keeping in mind pro-activity and some activity is better than nothing and being a slug. 

Have a good night everyone and for those who have read some of my blogs or browsed my site, a huge thank you and a good week ahead for everyone.


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