Will Social Media Bring Society to a Screeching Halt…Eventually?


     It took me a while to get an iPhone. I don’t use it except for the very basic things. I call my family and text some people. I play Angry Birds once in a great while. I’m still on the first level. I had MySpace at one point. It took me a while to get on Facebook. It took me forever to get on Instagram. I will probably not take part in Twitter. I’m not into the different apps one can download. Pinterest doesn’t interest me although I find those posts funny comparing what it should look like vs. what it turned out to be. Who doesn’t like baking and cooking failures?  I will never be a social media junkie, but I’m trying to get out there more and more.

     The platform I use the most is Facebook. I see quite a bit of discussion and debate that leads me to the question of why do people do this? I include myself in this. It seems that before social media exploded into the creature it has become that people kept to themselves more. People are so quick to have their voices heard. They just have to respond, and there is nothing wrong with this. Some people find it difficult to accept another viewpoint when they are so adamantly opposed to a value that is part of their platform. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of abortion, anyone? That question itself creates major conflict among people. You get my point.  

     I find myself retreating and commenting less on politics these days because the news, whether right or left or moderate, are filled with such turmoil. I’d rather tune out at this moment and sometimes stepping away for a bit is the most responsible thing to do. Focusing and bettering myself has become the number one priority for me and everything else comes after. Some might find this selfish, but being true to yourself is never selfish. It is courageous to not be so consumed by external forces beyond your control when you find yourself exhausted and tired. People do not relax enough these days and with social media all over the place, it might be a good idea to step back a few paces and take a few deep breaths. I can’t deny social media brings the people of the world together, but it also can tear and bring us further apart.  My belief is people are trying to find that grey area.


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