Like espionage? Read these books!

 I’m currently reading a book titled, The Cuckoo’s Egg.  I heard about it on PBS, as it was being reviewed.  Being that I’m interested in espionage, I ordered it right away from Amazon.  The author of this book definitely is the way I imagined him when I researched him on the Internet.  I used to plow through books like they were going out of style, but now it seems to take me much longer.  This book has kept my attention in a different way as it deals with computer espionage, but it is still a page turner like the book The Bureau and the Mole.  The reader doesn’t need to be well versed in computer technology or computer lingo because Cliff Stoll explains it perfectly, and you are learning something new if you find computers relatively boring.  I never thought I’d say it, but computer espionage is an interesting topic.  This book has entertained me well.  I encourage anyone to check it out even though it is an older book, but is more than relevant given the political dynamic in the United States.  The other book, The Bureau and the Mole, is an easy read.  It’s about Robert Hanssen, FBI agent who was a spy for Russia, and the hunt to find his identity.  It delves into his childhood, entry into the FBI, and his betrayal to America.  He currently is serving a life sentence in federal prison.

The Bureau and the Mole

The Cuckoo’s Egg


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