Book Recommendation: Scapegoat

This is a simple and easy read.  It is very fast paced.  I read this book a while ago, but remember it being thought provoking.  Humans all love to blame others especially when shit hits the fan. The bigger the problem, the harder one falls when they fail.  This begs the question of what exactly does failure mean, but I’m not in the mood to go into a philosophical rant about the meaning of the word.  It also means more likely the person will place blame on others whether actively or passively in their heads.  There are inherent common traits among everyone, okay most everyone, and not taking responsibility for one’s life all the time is one of them.  Anyone who says different, in my opinion, is not being completely truthful.  A person needs to dig deep to get to the core of one’s complex faults, and currently there is not much time to spare after work, families, eating, and sleeping are factored into the equation; but it still can be done.  Whether you do it is the real question.
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