Day: April 30, 2017

Book Recommendation: Shambling Towards Hiroshima

Shambling Towards Hiroshima This is probably the most whacked-out book I have ever read.  It is satirical in nature and focuses on WWII, Reptilian Creatures, and Hollywood.  The main character, Syms Thorley, is thrust out of his B Hollywood movie and into a rubber… Continue Reading “Book Recommendation: Shambling Towards Hiroshima”

Movie/Documentary Recommendation: The Loving Story/Loving

Loving Story The life of Richard and Mildred Loving, both reluctant to be the face of interracial marriage, sort of mirrors how well this movie did in the Box Office.  Let’s just say the gross total doesn’t cover its production costs as of today. … Continue Reading “Movie/Documentary Recommendation: The Loving Story/Loving”

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