Movie Recommendations

It’s Time to Laugh!!!

Sneakers is a caper movie about five hackers.  It has some slapstick comedy and is well-paced.  My favorite character is the blind soundman played by David Straithairn.  The car scene was priceless.  Robert Redford and Ben Kingsley are good.  Dan Aykroyd and Sidney Poitier give equal performances.  Mary McDonnell does her part for the larger cause, but not without some resistance.  I give a shout out to River Phoenix because no one can forget young Indiana Jones.  The ending comes together in a nice little black box. 
Gross Pointe Blank is about attending your high school reunion for all the wrong reasons.  It stars John Cusack and Minnie Driver as past high school sweethearts.  It also stars Dan Aykroyd, at odds with John Cusack, as there can only one hit man allowed in this Michigan city.  This doesn’t justify the bad dancing by Jeremy Piven to popular 1980s songs.  All I have left to say is “POPCORN!” 
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion capitalizes on all the stereotypical blonde jokes and the cliques that often exist at reunions.  The popular students forever hold that status, the nerds remain nerds, the jocks never lose their helmets, the cheerleaders remember their cheers, and the remaining students aren’t remembered all that much.  It speaks of the friendship between Romy and Michele, the need for acceptance, the pain of rejection, and coming out stronger by the end without being overly mushy.  
Evolution is one of my favorite movies with David Duchovny.  It can’t get any sillier than four out of place characters fighting against rapidly advancing alien life.  As the movie progresses, the scenes go from ridiculous to over the top.  This is the appeal of the movie.   Watch it for mindless viewing.  
Ted could be a movie one might not want to admit watching.  I’m not one of those people.  I laughed more than anticipated.  You wouldn’t think a movie about a man choosing a teddy bear or his girlfriend could span a length of 106 minutes and keep your attention.  It did so well done to Seth McFarlane on your first directing gig.  As a side note, you need to have a bit of tolerance for swearing and innuendo because this movie has both. 

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