Books Recommendations about Writing

Book Recommendations about Writing

     I came across some books when I rearranged my shelves that might help writers improve their writing if you are up for the challenge. It dawned on me how much of this material is common sense and quite simple when you read it. The hardest part is translating it onto the page while you are actually writing. Some of these books are geared toward script writing and the rest are for fiction writers. They all have good information and some are interchangeable.

     There has been an ongoing debate of whether the people writing these books are bona fide to comment on the structure of writing and the tools important to make a good story great. I don’t think it’s a prerequisite to write stories and/or scripts to make worthwhile contributions for those people crazy enough to write them. I’ve learned if you abide by all the rules set in place in the writing world, no one would write a book considered worthwhile upon any review. It can be daunting because I haven’t touched my rewrite in a few months. I’ve passed my deadline for many reasons.

     People who write walk a fine line between being disciplined enough to make progress and only writing when they feel the need. I’m straddling somewhere in between and never really committing one way or the other at the moment. I think fiction writers have more avenues to entice them when compared to screenwriters. They can get inside people’s head and express their characters through raw emotions much easier.

     Bottom line is the fiction writer can be wordy and exhaustive on the page where a screenwriter has to keep more of a watch on keeping dialogue within reason and action is more important than not. If you don’t have a lot of white space on the paper with a script, you might have a problem. On this ending note, I leave you with these book suggestions. Take them or leave them as the choice is always yours and good luck with your writing.


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