Book Recommendation: The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood

The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood


Dare I say this recommendation might be reserved for bathroom reading?  I say this because it is written in such a way that it could be read in short spans of time since much of this book is structured in easy compartmentalized sections throughout the chapters.  Joe Eszterhas has written some non-Oscar nominated films that he is very proud of and should be because 1) he made it in Hollywood and 2) he’s managed to stay relevant in Hollywood for a considerable amount of time although on IMDB his last written work was in 2011.  You probably recognize his work of Basic Instinct, Flashdance, Jade, Sliver, and Showgirls which he won a Razzie (Golden Raspberry) Award for Worst Screenplay.  Nonetheless, he carved his niche in Tinseltown and this book has some good advice for novices wanting to dive head first into film.  It’s a good read for those who just want to know more about Hollywood from a person who does have experience and the realities of all it has to offer. 
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