Book Recommendation: Not Dead & Not For Sale

Not Dead & Not For Sale


Most of us know about the passing of STP frontman, Scott Weiland.  It was plastered everywhere and anywhere especially in The United States.  Groupies and fans mourned the loss of a great singer and song writer, but in the midst of it all let’s not forget all the havoc he wrecked on the band.  It broke apart, actually he was kicked out, and he sought vengeance in the courts.  He had become impossible to work with due to his addiction and ego.  So why pick a memoir about a person who died of a drug overdose who was not a great role model for kids when you think about it and became not such a great dad to his own kids?  Because everyone is fallible and more often than not, s/he bounces back, but some do not.  This is the story of one who didn’t make it.  When I read this book, he was still alive.  Now that he is gone, I still feel the same way.  I ended the book asking myself the following.  How does a gifted athlete, and at baseball nonetheless, go from being offered a scholarship to becoming an out of personal touch, drug addict?  I have my suspicions for his demise, but I will let you come to your own conclusions after reading this book.  I realize it wasn’t that easy of a line from point A to N for him because if it had been, he would’ve made it to Z.  I hate to call his life tragic, but in many ways it was basically TRAGIC.  You will get deeper insight into his life story, how it created the person he was to become, and what he ultimately became until his end in 2015.
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