Even a Hermit Needs Water and Sun


Even someone who doesn’t mind being holed up in the apartment likes to get out once in a while.  The traffic was still congested for Monday, but it was all worth it when I arrived to my destination of Huntington Beach.  There’s nothing better than visiting any beach in California.  It was even better I didn’t have to drive.




Huntington Beach is known for its great surfing weather, and aptly named Surf City.  It was a perfect combination of breezy and sunny with a high of 68 degrees Celsius this day.  I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean and felt the coolness of it not be as shocking as minutes ticked by.

I held tiny clams in my hands, which left them slimy long after they left.  I took pictures of surfers that didn’t turn out.  I took videos of the tide coming and going.  I was amazed at the power of the waves and how it eroded the sand underneath my feet.  I laid on the dry sand soaking up the sun.  I walked the pier and saw signs not to fish for Great White Sharks.  It was a relaxing day from start to finish.



Everything must come to an end and so I left HB as it was getting chillier.  Until the next time and until more pictures, and hopefully less blurry and without a FedEx truck, I hope to do this again soon but at a different CA beach.




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