Day: May 14, 2017

3 Book Recommendations

These are three radically different books as you can probably tell because of the authors.  Palahniuk has been listed as a “nihilistic writer” although he rejects this title.  He is most famous for his books Fight Club and Choke, which were both made into… Continue Reading “3 Book Recommendations”

Write Dialogue Better? Sure, Why Not?

I think one of the hardest aspects of writing is the dialogue. I’m currently reading a book with an enthusiastic ten fingers in the air. It has some good, solid advice in it. It is only 135 pages long so it won’t be a… Continue Reading “Write Dialogue Better? Sure, Why Not?”

Short Story: Dear Diary

     The screams coming from our house were heard by the next door neighbors on both sides of my parents’ house that day. Mrs. Lambert lived to the right of us. She pushed on her screen door, loosening the hinges even more, with her… Continue Reading “Short Story: Dear Diary”

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