3 Book Recommendations

These are three radically different books as you can probably tell because of the authors.  Palahniuk has been listed as a “nihilistic writer” although he rejects this title.  He is most famous for his books Fight Club and Choke, which were both made into movies.  Pears focuses on historical novels where he weaves historical events and culture with fictional mystery. His books are longer, but he does his job keeping your attention when you might want to stray.  Thompson was a journalist who inserted himself into his assignments where he became part of the story, which he coined “gonzo” journalism. He is best known for his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which was made into a movie.
Snuff: Cassie Wright is a porn star trying to revive her career with a big bang. The story incorporates the major male players, given numbers, because that is what they are to Cassie. The chapters are divided where the different character’s tell the story from his or her view. I’m obviously not going to spoil the ending, but it was one I wasn’t expecting. It made sense once I was finished with the book.  I will say don’t count out this book just because its subject matter is porn. It’s a pretty honest exploration into the insidiousness of the sex industry, but in a fiction book format.
An Instance of the Fingerpost: There are four major different characters, each having an own stake for why they are narrating their story about the murder of Robert Grove. It is set in Oxford, England (primarily) during the 17th Century, highlighting the conflicts during this time within the church, monarchy, and among the different fields of study. You will receive pieces of insight along the way, truthful or deceiving, that will bring you to closer to finding the truth, and who is actually telling the whole truth by the end.
Hell’s Angels: It’s pretty cut and dry what this book is about from the title: the inner workings of the motorcycle gang and the bonds of brotherhood. It focuses on the San Francisco and Oakland chapters. It has a lot of insight it you’re willing to grasp it such as the interaction with Sonny Barger. The most memorial part was the raging party: marijuana, women, booze, and fights. I’m not sure how he survived. It was a page turner, but again I like this kind of material.
Explore on Amazon
Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk
An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears
Hell’s Angels by Hunter S. Thompson


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