My Life = Write, Read, Color

color2017 copy.jpg
It’s been quite a while, eight months, since I’ve colored anything of significance.  I managed to color two designs for two different relatives until I screwed up the one I really wanted to get done.  I then dropped the frame on the floor, denting the corner of it, so it wasn’t such a great day.  That was about two months ago so I’m still working on redoing the design.  So much to do, so little time.  The story of my life.  The story of most lives.
The good thing is after what some might call soul searching, I started rewriting my love story again and from the beginning.  You have to start with A and end with Z.  I’ve circled backward and forward quite a few times with this rewrite, trying to wrestle within myself the need for perfection, and knowing it doesn’t exist and cutting ties with it.  Yet, I know it’s the right choice to push myself to be a better writer, and feel good about so far. Let’s face it.  We all have to start somewhere.  We all have to do things we don’t want to do (including the nitty gritty stuff in writing).  Then after I’m done, hopefully by the end of this year, my roommate will critique it so it can get even better.
My next coloring is structured, but sometimes I need to design with a little more freedom.   If you haven’t seen my other colorings, feel free to visit my blog.  I look forward to working on my trilogy in 2018, but I’m learning patience is a necessity and luxury in life.  On a concluding note, I hope the writers out there keep writing, the artists keep arting, and everyone else do something creative.


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