Nothing but Quarters and Lists

This project started when my roommate did not want to use my “special quarters.”  Those educated in the United States had to learn the 50 states and their capitals as students in grade school.  Oh, what we did to memorize the spelling of Mississippi and Pennsylvania or maybe that was just me.  I asked my roommate to quiz me on the capitals not too long ago.  I got most of them right.


This need to see how many quarters in my rolls I had stashed away made me completely forgo my original plans a few weeks ago on a Sunday to compile a list of what kind of “special quarters” I actually had.  It made me realize the U.S. Treasury (for sure dollar bills) or whoever is responsible for creating new coins had been busy again with their quarters.  I was aware they released the state quarters that were put into production from 1999 to 2008.  Remember all the hot rage?  Coin collectors probably didn’t sleep that night.


What I didn’t know is America the Beautiful quarters currently in production are pretty cool looking quarters.  They will be completed in 2021.  They started to be released in 2010, so yes, not very observant on this front.  Better late than never.  I added to my collection when I traded a 20 dollar bill for two rolls of quarters today.  I’m missing ten from the state quarters, but hope to have it completed by the end of this year.  I had to go one step further and mark how many of duplicates I had of each state.  While I haven’t visited every state, maybe one day I will, and so far I’ve only visited or lived in fifteen states and passed through a handful of states, but I don’t really count them.  Call me crazy, but this was kinda fun.  No wait, it was REALLY FUN!


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