Save Time… Do This… iPhone Related


I bought my iPhone 5 about two years ago.  This model was being phased out.  I had trouble with it so thanks to Apple Care I got it replaced a week after I bought it.  Brand new iPhone, the second one.  It had to be programmed all over again.  The worst for me because it’s so time consuming.  A big UGGGHHHH.  I put in all my information.  I put my thumb on the button to scan its ridges.  I came up with passwords I would soon forget.

Fast forward to about two months ago.  My camera was acting up.  I could only take selfies.  No thanks.  I went to the Apple store and got a new camera thanks to Apple Care.  My insurance was nearing the end so it was perfect timing.  Nothing else will happen.  WRONG.  My camera was doing the same thing as before with crazy colors appearing and disappearing.  It was not completely silent when I put it on silent during work hours.  It was taking pictures when my camera wasn’t even on.  Things that make you go HMMMMMM.

The Apple store is close to where I live, and it’s a good thing because there was street cleaning today so I didn’t want to take my car.  It takes way too long to back up your information on iCloud in any store.  I made the trek back home and it downloaded within a decent time.   I needed more space so I bought some more space.  Next time I’ll bring a book although I don’t want there to be a next time for a long time.

Advance to three hours later today.  I had my new iPhone in my hand, still the same model, as I walked back to the apartment.  The things I learned from the technician would have been quite a lot had I really listened to her explain how information is transmitted from the iCloud to wherever it needs to go.  I did hang onto the part when she asked if I had a lot of texts.  I told her I have a few, which was a lie.  I only had one.

The fact I don’t save texts cut down my time by about 20 minutes and also the fact I have hardly any emails in my accounts or my delete box saved time too.  Unless you absolutely need all your texts and emails, get rid of them.  This is my advice to everyone with iPhones.  If you like waiting around when something goes bust, then by all means, don’t get rid of anything.  Cheers everyone!!!  Happy Friday!!!


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