When Stephen King Came Knocking



What might it be like to walk in Stephen King’s shoes?  It would be nice to feel a sense of accomplishment for everything he has accomplished.  His array of work shows he was and is and always will be seriously dedicated to his profession as a writer. While he hasn’t churned out the novels as he did in the past, let’s admit he is entitled to this.  There are some critics who regard his writing style and story endings as less than academic writing, but his strength remains in his story ideas when compared to his writing execution. No matter what else is spoken about him, King is not only a commercial writer, but a successful writer. Some may view him as great while others only see mediocre.  I give him more credence than not.  If given a chance to walk in his shoes for one day, I would in a heartbeat.
There are minor plot descriptions, but not enough to ruin these books.
My three recommendations might not be the proper choices out of all his works, but I chose books because I remember them being fast reads. The first book, NEEDFUL THINGS, was published in 1991. You learn about the major characters living a small town of Castle Rock, Maine. These residents frequent a newly opened store called Needful Things. It is owned and operated by Leland Grant, played by Max von Sydow in the movie adaptation. His store has an eclectic array of items ready to be bought and used, but little do the townspeople realize there is a price to be paid for having them in your possession. The themes of temptation and greed as well as good and evil are woven into the character’s stories. The movie was nothing out of the ordinary and was released in 1993. The movie has a 26% Rotten Tomatoes score, 43 Metascore, and 6.2 IMDb score.
The second book published in 1986, IT, was made into a television miniseries of two parts with Tim Curry as Pennywise in 1990. I feel the same way about Tim Curry as I did with Robert England as Freddy Krueger. Let’s say I still have to watch the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street from start to finish as I’ve only seen bits and parts of it. Maybe, I’ll finally take the time to watch it when October rolls around. I was looking forward to seeing Will Poulter step in the clown shoes after Curry, but now I will have to see how Bill Skarsgård portrays him on the screen. IT is projected to have solid earnings in box office when it is released in September 2017. It is venturing to be a movie I will see alone, and will be a nice trip down memory lane.
This book despite the subject matter is what I call another “fun” book in that I read it quickly and was more of an escape book for me. The main characters in IT involve a group of children in Derry, Maine. When a tragic accident happens, it sends the whole group, known as the Losers’ Club, into survival mode against a dark force. The second part of the remake will be released in 2018, long after the Losers’ Club has dissolved, and are now adults full of dysfunction, secrets, and longings. They come back to Derry after learning the killings of neighborhood children has started again, prompting them to face the dark force once and for all. This miniseries has a 62% Rotten Tomatoes Score, 6.9 IMDb score. The scores of the remakes will probably garner high scores.
geralds game
The third book, GERALD’S GAME, was published in 1992. The adaptation will be released in September 2017 on Netflix with Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood. This is the story of a married couple who tries to spice up their love life while staying at their Maine cabin. It begins with an accident that moves the story forward where you wonder how the main character going to get out of her handcuffs? Will she get out of them at all? If she does, at what cost? This story does its job getting inside this character’s head so to speak. King also gets inside reader’s head because it left me thinking what would I do in this situation.
If humans only use a small portion of the brain and if we hold all our memories in our bodies including our brains, why do we access some and not others? Why do some things repeatedly come to the surface of one’s mind without even probing? Why is there struggle in order to keep certain memories contained, but other times we try to yank them out of their hiding spots and fail miserably? In relation to the story, the questions to ask are how much of this is in her mind? How much of this was real in the first place? How much did she make up to cope with her current situation? What was the purpose of this suffering and its meaning? GERALD’S GAME is the book I would recommend first out of the three given how I am today versus who I was in high school. I’m curious to see how the movie plays out on Netflix. I have a feeling it will go to the top of the list come September in my queue.
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