Eclipse of the Sun and not the Heart

These pictures were taken by one of my co-workers.  Thank you J.C.  I officially received permission to use these photos.  This what the solar eclipse looked like from Los Angeles, California.  I didn’t have sunglasses so I wasn’t really willing to burn my retinas.  I was convinced by another co-worker to take a quick peek so I did that turned out to be a split second.  One shouldn’t be looking at the sun on normal days, but it was pretty cool to see.  It was an overcast day, but cool nonetheless.

I saw these images of the solar eclipse on Monday on my computer screen during the live views.  I was able to take two images provided by NASA.  I looked on their website about permission to use their images.  It seems okay to use them according to their guidelines.  The first one is from Carbondale, Illinois and the second one is from Charleston, South Carolina.  I think both shots really captured the event (duh).




4 Comments on “Eclipse of the Sun and not the Heart

  1. I didn’t make it in time to get glasses. I didn’t look at it really. I will pass it on to her that you liked the pictures. It was pretty cool overall.


  2. Your coworker did a good job. I had glasses on from NASA and I don’t know what I was looking at.


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