Oregon Trip

I decided to finally take a trip to see some family.  It started with a fire in Burbank, CA on my way to the airport.  I’ve been to LAX one too many times to know the little dinky Bob Hope Airport is the way to go for someone who’d rather not wait longer in lines.  I didn’t start off well as my flight was delayed by an hour, and then I lost my phone because I wasn’t paying attention.  Luckily, I had an inkling to circle back to where I’d been and found my phone still there.  One catastrophe avoided.  I got window seats to and from, which is fine by me because I’m short although my left foot was always pressed against the edge of the plane wall.  I’m more happy I sat next to decent smelling people.

Feet and Shadow


I also now understand why I’m always seated way at the end in terms of Southwest when I get my tickets in advance.  So much for my laziness and not really giving too much thought into where I sit until the day of.  The only good part is by the time I get to the baggage claim my suitcase is ready for the most part.  I spent some days relaxing and reading while in Portland.  I actually got to finish one of my books.  Yippee!  I will be recommending it later.  A fire started in the Columbia River Gorge while there and could smell the smoke when I left.  They contained and extinguished the La Tuna fire in Burbank, but Oregon is a different story.  They basically have it only 7% contained.  The winds blew the fire in all directions and it rages on due to a kid using fireworks. Complete stupidity because hundreds of trees have been destroyed, not to mention wildlife displaced.  I was able to get to the ocean by spending time at Smuggler Cove at Oswald West State Park.  My feet couldn’t stay there too long because the water was quite chilly despite baking in the sun.  I didn’t get sun burnt this time around.  Without further delay, here are some pictures.

Fire in Burbank

Sand and Water


More Trees


Smoky Sky




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