Bringing the Dinosaurs Back

It Came Down to One Dinosaur





There were so many choices to pick from in terms of dinosaurs. I could have sifted through a very long list.  I decided to narrow it down by time and dinosaurs listed below.  The Cretaceous Period was one where the dinosaurs were at their best in terms of size and strength.  They were the ones that ruled the lands.  There was some focus on their eating habits of whether carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores, and if they were bipedal or not, but what stood out for me was the ability of one dinosaur to swim.  I came to the following conclusion.

My Favorite Dinosaur is…

Spinosaurus (Spine Lizard)

Spinosaurus durbed
By Durbed [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
The Spinosaurus’s anatomy allowed it to be able to able to swim for long periods of time in order to hunt for fish and other water-dwelling creatures, which was its preferred diet.  It had features such as flat feet suitable for paddling, small nostril at the back of the head to limit water intake, dense bone structure of the limbs so it could submerge under water, and spine sail/fin.  It was opportunistic in its eating habits where it dined on land creatures such as reptiles as well.  It lived during the Cretaceous Period, and was as large as or maybe even larger than the Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus.  There has been some debate over the size of this particular dinosaur, but there is one thing for sure, and that is it was in a family of its own.


A few more dinosaurs that existed during the three periods.




Last of all very tiny tidbits of information.






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