Book Recommendation: Dragon Ladies

dragonladiesI thought this would be a good time to recommend a book that also reminds me back to the days when I was in school. Trust me when I say it is a good read. I wouldn’t be recommending Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire otherwise. It is edited by Sonia Shah, prefaced by Yuri Kochiyama, and forewarded by Karin Aguilar-San Juan. This anthology speaks of Asian American women who have something to say and in a way that won’t make you uncomfortable if you keep an open mind. It’s good to go out of your comfort zone once in a while. It takes guts to come out of your shell, be unapologetic for your views that you strongly believe are right, and not waver under pressure. You need a thick ass skin to withstand the pressure and criticism in today’s world.

The feminist movement, particularly in the United States, is rather complicated and varied within the ranks back then and now.  It was as varied as the two major political parties in the U.S. today and so on down the path to reach the blue or red body of water.  I imagine the independents have a body of white water.  Individual minority women were left on the wayside to fend for themselves in the United States, as many disenfranchised groups are, and the Asians were no exception. This book speaks of the importance of being aware that just because something isn’t around you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. While we all won’t find the massive amount of inspiration and passion needed to go out to protest or volunteer whenever there’s a major incident or situation that occurs, you will gain a better understanding of the lives of Asian American women, and some of the perils they face year after year.

Social, political, racial, economic, and personal questions are asked and topics are discussed with answers providing an Asian narrative that for all intents and purposes is always relevant. This book is an interest of mine for the fact I’m an Asian American that could very well have not left South Korea.  I’m a bit of an enigma, and will touch upon this in a future post.  It serves as as reminder for everyone including myself to stand up and speak from the heart, rooted in truth as we know it, but being mindful of how we might affect others with our words.  We all deserve equality without sacrificing our integrity.  I wonder how, as a collective whole, we ever got to be in this place of such ugliness where some people think it is okay to post ANYTHING on social media platforms. Yet, it has also exposed the ugliness from all pockets of society that we may not want to see.  We all deserve to not live in fear.  There’s always something wrong when certain individuals have to support themselves in such vile ways, and an equally uglier world where those similar in social stratification get caught up in this wheel of inequality demanding others to denigrate themselves.

In conclusion, this book is meant to give you a little push to exploring women who often have to navigate a world where people label and stereotype them on a consistent basis whether aware of it or not. I’m not saying this doesn’t happen to other women or men because it does, but what is necessary to state is this: the deeply rooted beliefs about Asian women just didn’t begin last year. Education is truly important for everyone including Asians themselves.  The genesis of anything is equally important as exploring what is necessary to not repeat the same rhetoric over and over, and this book was and continues to be a good start. It’s much easier to praise something on a blog versus taking action about something on the streets, so in that respect, I thank those women and men who take the streets for worthy causes that support others instead of dividing people. Every little thing every person does that helps instead of harms is a part of what life is about so keep keeping on because we all need someone to lean on and a reminder at one point or another.

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Happy Reading Everyone!!!


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