Trifecta #4

Image of the Week

I like light bulbs.  I like turtles.  I like ships.  It’s like wondering how you get a ship into a bottle.  I don’t think I need to say anymore.  It’s a cool picture.

Word of the Week

Finally!  A word in the upper percentage of popularity.  I know most of us can relate to this word because we’ve all felt it at one point in our lives.  Enough said.


Video of the Week

This video is a compilation of lighthouses found around the world.  It has a nice presentation and soothing music.  The shots are impressive.  This makes me want to travel more after watching this.

As a side note, next week’s trifecta will be delayed because I’m traveling and not returning until mid next week.  But will post something when I come back. 


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