Keeping My Blog in Perspective


I’ve been trying to keep up with everything, blog and other hobbies/interests, and all the while doing my best to find balance in other areas of my life. I realized I haven’t been putting in the time I should take to read other people’s blogs, so I devoted some time today.  It wasn’t much, but some is better than none.  I wonder how many others have such a hard time fitting all they want to do into each week.  I wonder how many others have as varied interests as I do.  I wonder how many of them try to make each one as if they were the most important thing in their life.  I wonder if I’d be better letting some of these interests become unimportant to me. 


I can’t believe April is halfway done. Time keeps slipping away or it seems like it.  As I read other people’s blogs about various topics, I thought about my Jewish friends, the dark side of myself, my own rewrite, how circumstances and events shape who you are especially death, wealthy people who don’t have to work so hard to feed themselves, a broken U.S. government, causes that makes me feel alive, topics that energize me, the differences among people, things that stimulate my brain, my love of history and facts, and ridiculous things like gumballs the size of your head and five pound gummy bears.


It’s not that I don’t want consistency because I’d rather have it than not.  I’ve read that you should focus on one or two things for your blog, and maybe that is where I erred.  I have a lot of interests, and realize that some posts are more popular than others with the few followers I have.  It’s just that I do what feels right to me, putting more emphasis on certain things than others.  I’m still learning about my passions, tolerances, and limits as a blogger.  There’s many different ways to blog, and listing some of them in several places feels right to me.  I might change it later down the road to streamline it better, but I personally like viewing similar items in one place.  So yes, maybe I need to be a little less concerned how others might perceive my blog format and what I write because this is me in all my blogging madness. 


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