Pisaries Creator Update

There comes a point in time when you find yourself spread in too many directions.  I have now reached this point.  Since I began this blog over a year ago, it was a way to express my creativity and put all my interests into one spot.  I found myself thinking and spending too much of my time on my blog instead of putting focus on my rewrite and writing in general of my novel ideas these past couple of months.  I’ve passed by many writing deadlines, and each time I find myself not happy with myself.  For this reason, I am stepping away from my blog for the month of May to focus on solely on my writing.  When I come back in June or even maybe July (after I make my move), I’m going to make some changes regarding content on my blog so I don’t feel so pressured to update all my interests as much as possible.  Let’s just say I’m narrowing down the playing field. I thank those who have followed me, and while I’m going away for a bit, I hope you return soon because I eventually will. Wishing everyone the best of luck this upcoming month.

Pisaries Creator


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