Book Recommendation: Get Your Brain in the Fast Lane


Publication Date: October 19, 2006 (first edition)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Page Number: 224

This book is a little different from the rest sitting on my shelves.  It is basically a book that will stimulate your brain. It has two different exercise levels, and most are fairly easy to do.  It focuses on memory, language, attention and concentration, logical reasoning, and visual and spatial acuity.  It’s good for older children and adults.   I plan on sitting down and finishing all the exercises at some point.  Probably too big to fit into your purse, but small enough to fit into a bigger purse or bag.  I’m sure you can find a used copy fairly cheap or if you prefer a new one, it’s about 17 dollars.  I consider this a diversion and break away from social media.  Time to put down your phone and do something else.


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