Flash Fiction: Cut from a Different Rock

mountain top.jpg

I took my time, but when I got to the top, it was a sight to see.  I had climbed for three hours without any breaks.  I took a few pictures when I noticed movement up ahead.  I lowered my camera and that is when I saw something hiding behind a rock formation.  It didn’t appear to be a person or animal.  I had heard of these creatures before.

It knocked me down with hardly a touch.  The only thing I saw was its large head.  It had the shape of an onion, and its neck was skinny and long.  It blended into its upper torso and when I turned to get a good look, its hand with long fingers rested on the top of my head.  It suspended me in the air for a few seconds before moving me to its home.

When I opened my mouth, nothing came out.  It heard my intention anyway.  The large head was even bigger than before, and beads of moisture clung to its flesh. Its skin glistened under the operating light above me as it inspected my face.  It touched my forehead and backed up.

I watched it peel back his eyelid to reveal another eyelid.  It peeled that one too until a tiny eye remained.  He did the same with his other eye.  I heard the sound before I saw it.  His eyes had become little puncture tools.  They twisted around and reached out to my face.  I screamed when it entered my cheek, but no sound was heard.  It was temporarily blocking the sound.  I screamed again when it drilled into my other cheek.

It inspected the holes with his fingers gripping my jaw before putting his eyelids back in place.  I passed out from the pain because when I regained consciousness, my mouth had been forced open with a device, and it was gone.  I was drooling and hardly able to breathe.  My arms and legs were secured in several places, and I felt a large cold strap around my chest and hips.  I was now fully exposed.

There was enough slack to move my head a little bit, and when I did, pain started at the base of my neck and went through every inch of my face.  It had put rods through the holes in my cheeks and connected them to through holes it had made in my arms, legs, and feet.

I heard the words “cut body” from behind me.  I thought of what I could do to convince them not to cut into me.  I waited what seemed forever, but had to have only been a few minutes.  The same creature with the onion shape head appeared.  It raised its hand and moved it over my face.  My pain went away and my body became tired.  I fought to stay awake.

When I came to again, I was back on the mountain top.  There were no holes in my face, but I felt my body chemistry had changed.  I looked down at my bare feet.  There were no holes in them either, only scars.  The time on my watch chimed.  Fifteen minutes had passed.  I knew it was much longer elsewhere.

As I took my first step down, I wondered what kind of undercover assignment the government had me doing.


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