Poem: To Dissatisfy

cloud.jpgWith every touch of your hand,

I wanted something else, but this I did not get.

It was good, at first, but after a few minutes it was bad, very bad.

This wasn’t what I wanted.

I came here for relaxation, for peace, for soothing.

You gave me pressured anxiety, sore muscles, and conflicted thoughts.

With my teeth grinding, I almost told you to quit what you were paid to do.

Your nervous laugh became annoying.

The touch was all wrong.  Your dirty feet.  Your heavy body.

You left me with something I had to forgive.

It made me angry, really angry.

I have to be more cautious now.

I don’t ask for much, just someone who listens.

Work on one side, then the next.

Not one side only.

It should be simple.

It wasn’t.




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