Journal Entry Type #4: Relax a Little Bit in the Fury of Life


Here is my fourth journal entry type.  So, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and am mainly honest with where I am in life including my struggles, my successes, and my hopes and dreams.  I’ve had this push and pull with being healthy as much as I can and find jogging/running is the only way for me to lose weight.  It works for me time and time again, but I’ve never have really been able to keep it off.  My weight fluctuates year by year and as we all know your metabolism decreases as you get older and have to work a little harder (in my case a lot harder) to get even minor results.  I think finding the time to have balance in one’s life is what I’m going through now, and when I don’t get through my list, then I spread it out into the week so I don’t freak out or get down on myself.  So far, I’ve been able to adjust my thinking to being okay with not jam packing everything into one day or even one week.  There’s a lot of pushing and pulling people do to themselves whether through words or actions.  I’m a person who tends to put pressure on herself so I other people putting pressure on me is usually not a good thing.  Living a well rounded life takes work.  I really needed to have to put my running shoes on today in order to jog/run for 4 miles because my goal is to lose weight, not gain it.  I decided to not go as hard and fast as I did the other day as I needed to give my knees a rest and let’s face it, I’m still starting getting into an exercise routine again.  So, as March is now here, I’m continuing to match my future goals with current actions as much as possible.  Everything has it’s time line, and finding that happy medium where pushing yourself just right is a good thing.  One day is only one day from a certain angle, but from another it is something different.  I guess today I looked at today from a different angle.


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