Day: March 26, 2019

Poem: Of Knuckles and Perfume

Dear lady of the night, I applaud you for all the things you haven’t given me, And those things you will yet give me. Thanking you enough for your hospitality cannot be done, For you keep giving me something I shouldn’t have. The hallways… Continue Reading “Poem: Of Knuckles and Perfume”

Poem: Not a Dirt Road

I came upon a fork on a dirt road, with five options before me, some must have been made by other shoes, worn down year after year. Confusion set in as my goal was to create my own path, but I felt so tired,… Continue Reading “Poem: Not a Dirt Road”

Three Writing Quotes

I sometimes browse the internet for quotes about writing by well-known authors who actually write or did write at one time.  I’m not one of them, yet, and by that I mean writing a book.  I don’t need to be well known, but it… Continue Reading “Three Writing Quotes”

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