Three Writing Quotes

I sometimes browse the internet for quotes about writing by well-known authors who actually write or did write at one time.  I’m not one of them, yet, and by that I mean writing a book.  I don’t need to be well known, but it sure would be nice in the whole scheme of things, but plugging away at it is better than not doing anything at all.  Creating writing quotes is usually a sign I’m itching to get writing again (meaning flash fiction, short stories, but more my rewrite).  I would love to not have time to create quotes and devote all my time to writing (so I actually write the seven novels I set out to do) and exercising (so I don’t die prematurely).  Until that time arrives, I’ll probably keep up with quotes about writing and then tackle the next seven writing ideas.  The quotes are by Elizabeth Bowen.  She has good advice about other things too.








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