Which Shoe is Better? Adidas or Puma?

With the internet and social media, it doesn’t take long for a well establish company to find out if you are using another well established company to market one of your products.  Given that two feuding brothers from Germany started Adidas and Puma, I’m going to compare and contrast two recent shoes, very briefly.  They both are capitalizing on the popularity of a franchise.  One is based from a fast food restaurant chain known for their burgers and fries, In-N-Out, and started in California although there are restaurants in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Oregon.  The other is based from The Game of Thrones show that has taken over the world and then some.  You tell me which one will probably sell more.  The fast food chain has now decided to sue the shoe company, and this company would be Puma.  I’m hoping it gets settled in the best way possible, but the shoes have a very ketchup and mustard look to them with palm trees on the shoelaces.  Now, the Adidas shoes are better looking, but I’m not that hard core when it comes to The Game of Thrones like the die hard fans, so I won’t be getting these shoes either.  Yet, it’s an interesting time because as more stores are closing because they can’t turn profit, some continue to struggle while others continue to thrive.  According to Forbes in 2019, Nike is #1 and Adidas is #3.  Is Puma in the top ten?  It isn’t, but Reebok is #6 and Under Armour is #7 when it comes to sports brands. Maybe, things will look better for Puma in 2020.


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