Netflix TV Docuseries Recommendation: Losers (2019-)

Question from Losers by Netflix: “In a ‘winning is everything’ society, how do we handle failure?”


Producers: Jennie Bedusa, MIckey Duzyj, Aaron Ernst, Jason Fisher, Adam Goldberg, Jason Heilig, Lisa Leingang, Victoria Millin, Mona Panchal, Adam Pincus, Rick Ramirez, and Karla Zambrano

Directors: Mickey Duzyj

Writers: Brin-Jonathan Butler

Major Cast: Michael Bentt (boxer), Torquay United (as they say in England football) Surya Bonaly (figure skater), Pat Ryan (curler), Mauro Prosperi (endurance racer), Aliy Zirkle (dog sledder), Jack Ryan (streetball player), and Jean van de Velde (golfer)

Rating: NA

Episodes: 8

Running Time: approximately 30 minutes long


I wasn’t sure what to think about this show and it took me a few episodes to really get into it.  I started with Surya Bonaly (ice skating) and next watched Aliy Zirkle (dog sledding).  Being such different athletes but both with interesting stories although I’d say one more mirrors Tonya Harding’s story in which the judges didn’t give her a fair shake where the other is just plain frightening, I moved onto the next episodes.  As I continued and left the sports I was least interested in for last (sorry English football and golf), the inclusion of accidents, mishaps, winning, and defeat made those tolerable as well.  I surprisingly thought the golf episode was entertaining.  Probably not to Jean van de Velde, but I’m sure golf enthusiasts can relate to his struggle.  The grossest one is the endurance racer, the saddest one is the boxer, and the best turnaround is the streetball player.  You can decide for yourself, but I hope Netflix keeps this going.

I rate Losers PERFECT at 100%




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